Like with any popular and slightly controversial product, there are plenty of sensational reviews floating around for the Dermawand. You’ll find some that say, “Oh my god! This is the best product ever!” And you’ll find others that say, “I didn’t think it was possible, but this thing actually made my skin worse!”

So we wanted to set the record straight. Because in reality, the Dermawand is a fairly good product. It’s not the best product, but it definitely works. So, the decision is less about whether the product works. The real question is: “Does this product worth well enough to be worth the money? Well, we’re here to set the record straight. Is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

How does the Derma Wand compare to similar products?

Dermawand Deluxe Kit $$$4.9
Mini Portable Dot Matrix RF Thermage Wand$$$4.7
Lift Wand Portable High Frequency Skin Tightening Wand$$$4.5
Signstek Portable High Frequency Skin Tightening Wand$$4.3
NEW SPA Professional Grade RF Wand with Argon Electrodes$$$$4.8

First, what does the Dermawand claim to do?

Before we get into what it actually does, let’s talk about what this product claims to do. Basically, the product claims to do the following: tighten your skin, reduce the depth of wrinkles, remove or improve the appearance of skin folds, diminish puffiness, make your pores smaller, overall lift and rejuvenate your skin.

We know, we know. It sounds a little hard to believe. However, for the most part, the claims are grounded in solid research, and clinical trials of similar treatments suggest that, even beyond this particular product, this kind of treatment has been shown to be effective.

How does it work?

The Dermawand works by pumping RF radio waves into your skin. Weird, right? The radio waves produce a combination of electrical stimulation, heat and oxygenation in the skin and the tissue under your skin (mostly the muscle, but also the thin layers of fat in your face).  This basically does three things:

  • Increase circulation and blood flow
  • Encourage collagen production
  • Sooth and relax skin

If it sounds weird, well, that’s probably because it pretty much sounds like zapping your skin with a magic wand. But it’s not that strange! In fact, as we mentioned, dermatologists have been research similar techniques for quite some time. What did they find?

The results are in. Does it work?

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They found that it works! Medscape, who did an excellent review of the effects of RF technology on the skin, found that RF frequencies can improve skin tone, skin tightness, pore size and puffiness. However, it found that results depended on the thickness of the skin being treated, which basically means patients with thicker layers of fat may not get optimal results.

Additionally, Medscape notes that there are other types of treatment that do the same thing – namely laser skin tightening treatments. However, laser-based treatments use focused light to produce the same thermal energy that RF treatments produce, which means they can (1) hurt and (2) result in hyperpigmentation (darkness).

That’s one of the major benefits of RF-based treatments, like the Dermawand: because it doesn’t rely on light, you don’t have to worry about your skin getting darker. It can be used by all skin types.

Really, there are tons of studies covering lots of RF-based products. Most find that between 50% and 80% of patients are satisfied with the results. Of the products that work, the Dermawand tends to be among the best.

“Yea, yea, yea,” you say. “What’s the point?” The point is that while this kind of treatment is not – and has never been – 100% effective, it does a pretty good job. And if tightening your skin is really important to you, this kind of treatment can be a very good part of your overall skin care routine.

Tips to get the most out of your Dermawand

So, if you’ve decided to pick up this product, you can dramatically increase your chances of good results with just a few simple tips. Check it out:

  • You can use it everywhere! You can use it pretty much anywhere on your body; not just your face! So feel free to try it on your neck, back, arms or anywhere else!
  • Use it with a moisturizer. Using the wand with a moisturizer will actually give you the best results. Not only does it very slightly increase the effectiveness of thermal energy being produced, but it also just makes it easier to move the wand around your face.
  • You can use other products. The wand itself does not contain chemicals, so it’s totally cool to use it with your other products. In fact, when you order it, the company typically includes samples of its DermaVital skin care system for free.
  • You can take the cap off! You’d be surprised how many people we’ve talked to who did know you could take the cap off of the wand. It actually works either way, but the RF waves are much stronger with the cap off.
  • Supplement your RF treatment with great nutrition. We’ve said this many times, and it’s still true: no skin product is a magic bullet. You have to combine it with great overall skin care. More importantly, though, you have to eat well. Great nutrition is one of the most important components to great skin. Nutrition is a big enough topic for its own article, but for now, if you want to eat for your skin, just look up the Paleo diet.

A similar product that won’t break the bank: Dot Matrix RF Thermage Wand

We definitely endorse the Dermawand. However, we know it’s a tad expensive, so we wanted to offer you a more affordable option. This product by Dot Matrix does essentially the same thing – just at a much more comfortable price point.

It hasn’t been tested as extensively, but it functions almost the exact same way. It has a slightly weaker frequence, however, which means it may take slightly longer for you to see results. With the Dot Matrix wand, people typically see results in 8-10 weeks. Not bad!